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0 - 5 Years Old: "My Daughter can't wait to get her package every month. Imagine your child excited to learn new subjects and learning at a rate you have never imagined. It's a new Era of Learning. My daughter is about to turn five years old and is super excited about going to school (I can never remember being excited) and she's already reading basic words and doing basic math - plus she knows how to use a computer and apps better than I do in some cases - which is vital for years to come. It's really amazing."
- C.V. (Dad)

Middle-School: "I've always found it important to give my kids a head-start in school. I spent a lot of time working with them before they went into Kindergarten. When they hit middle-school, it was a whole new game! I found this site was a great source for some important fill-in of my kids' education."
- M.T. (mother)

High-School-College: "There are a lot of great apps on this site which I have found useful in college prep. I know that I would not have excelled as much as I have without their use. This is a great "one-stop-shop!"
- A.R. (student)



Each Box Is Created Custom For Your Child's Age and Knowledge Level:

We give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, cancel at any time.

Because Each Box is Made Custom Based On Your Specifications They Change.
But Here is a Sample Box and The General Guidelines:

Each Box Contains:

1. Custom Apps and their Reviews Based On Your Child's Age

Apps Paid and Sent To You

Apps Paid and Sent To You

We will send four of "The Best of The Best Apps" directly
addressed tour your child's level for you to try out.
(We will also email you these reviews, once per week).

Each month will be on a separate subject, like "Math", "reading", etc.
Here's some Math examples in different age groups:


Splash Math - 1st Grade iLiveMath Animals of Africa dragonbox-app
First Grade Math:
Splash Math

Counting Apps
Ages: 0 – 8
Animals of Africa

Math Apps
Ages: 5 – 12
Games for Kids

Math Apps
Ages: 12+

2. A Custom Educational Book Based On Your Child's Level

We send an approved book each month, based on you or your child's age
and knowledge level. This book will be based on the monthly theme,
starting with math. Here's an example:


3. A Custom Disk (DVD or CD) Based on The Monthly Subject

We will most likely send an animated film or video based on your child's
gender (Boy or Girl) For Example, a girl may receive a princess learning
video, while a boy may receive a train-based animated video. In either case
we try to tailor the box to your likes and send a survey after each to
ensure we constantly improve our product.




4. A Surprise Package Directed To You or Your Loved One. Top Secret!

We love the element of surprise, so we will also send a surprise in each package
that we hope you love as much as we do. We have Mom's constantly on the lookout
for great stuff to introduce you to. So get ready to be surprised!


Bonus! 5. You Will Also Gain Access To Our Site With Over 500 Personally Mom-Reviewed Apps

We Make Learning Fun! get ready to take an adventure, and see how fast you can learn
with a combination of Educational Apps, Books, Videos and Surprises...

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