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Educational Apps and Match Games

Educational Apps and Match Games

App Treasure Hunter offers fun, educational smart phone apps as an alternative to TV and video game violence

The recent spate of gun violence has led to renewed interest in the possible connection to violence children are exposed to in the media. A CNN/Time/ORC International Poll in January 2013 found 37% of Americans believe the influence of popular culture is the primary cause of gun violence (http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/02/16/dodd-media-isnt-to-blame-for-gun-violence/) http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Hollywood/2013/03/20/ptc-study-tv-gun-violence and a new study by the Parents’ Television Council released findings of high levels of gun violence on television in the weeks after the Newtown shooting.

“We believe that fun games on smart phones can help alleviate the problem,” says Teri Rigden, spokesperson for http://www.apptreasurehunter.com/ [App Treasure Hunter __title__ App Treasure Hunter], a company that selects and distributes kid applications for mobile smart phones.  “Our mission at App Treasure Hunter is to replace the addictive TV and video game violence with educational games that children love, all running on a smart phone.”

Why smart phones? Our nation’s children now spend more time on a smart phone than they do at school, or with their families, according to Common Sense Media.

About 50 percent of high school and 40 percent of middle school students now own or have access to a smart phone reports Blackboard and Project Tomorrow. The survey found nearly 90 percent of parents feel that instruction using the new technology will positively impact their child's future.

“My kids love to play with my iPhone and iPad,” says Bob Twaalhoven, the founder of App Treasure Hunter. “With the correct apps, these devices can assist them to become smarter, while keeping them occupied and entertained in a productive way.”


Solving the problem of gun violence and attacks on schools is something everyone can agree with. How to fix it has people polarized. President Obama is once again urging America to keep this debate front and center and find a solution. Providing an alternative kind of mobile app that entertains and educates without any violent content is a step in the right direction.

About App Treasure Hunter

App Treasure Hunter is a membership site that provides the best educational apps at affordable cost, tested and recommended by kids, parents and educators.  It was founded by Bob Twaalhoven. http://www.apptresurehuntercom

Contact: Teri Rigden



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