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Addicting Shooting Games Vs. Educational Apps For Kids:

Shooting Games vs Educational Apps For Kids

Shooting Games vs Educational Apps For Kids

Don't get me wrong, I love shooting games. But are they giving kids the wrong message? What does war teach us?

Imagine replacing the violent games your kids are playing or the shows they are watching with something that actually constructively makes them smarter and fast. That is what we try to do at App Treasure Hunter.

Addicting Shooting Games Vs. Educational Apps For Kids - Teach Your Kids The Truth About War

With all the debate about gun control laws, are we really teaching kids the real importance of war protecting our country and the bringing our troops home safely? Keep reading after this video: 

Educational Apps For Kids

Interest is growing in educational apps, and this is evident in download stats. In its press release announcing its one million downloads, Motion Math said half of their downloads have come in the last four months. And this is only the beginning -- as more schools adopt iPads, the download tally and other apps in the educational category is bound to increase. [Source:http://www.tuaw.com/2012/06/13/educational-app-series-motion-math-reaches-one-million-download/}

Some parents are hesitant to provide their children with a smart phone. But there are lots of education apps are available for both iPhone and Android phones. Kids can actually learn, and have fun doing it.

The App Store is packed with hundreds of thousands of terrific options for entertainment, reading, productivity, and staying in touch. There are also tons of apps that help children and adults alike learn. Some of these apps are junk - but we help you sort out which are truly quality apps.We give you the best educational apps here.

The ability to develop your study skills, enhance your knowledge base and improve your memory power is now in your pocket. Your kids are living in a new era - a competitive atmosphere where they are always required to stay updated with technology. So your responsibility is to make them tech savvy and smart.

The education app market has received a tremendous boost in the iOS and Android app market. Education apps are empowering kids to learn on their own, and learn while they play at the same time and this is a Win-win. They are also increasing kid's exposure to technology and learning .

We find and test some of the best apps for kids.

I've got two kids and they are very excited about learning - it's important to fuel that fire and actually teach them the values and flaws of war.

We care about your kid's education. That's why we want you to maximize your children's learning time with the best apps that help them study. Why not make it fun for them and join our cause?

Apps need to continue to be developed that allow students to increase their speed and knowledge. Specifically, Education Apps are making a big impact in schools and yet mobile learning devices struggle with accessing that information effectively and efficiently.

Tell me your thoughts about teaching kids correctly with technology?

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